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Do snails eat leaves?

yes! they love to eat leaves, only if they are land snails. but you have to remember that they need to stay moist!!!. hope that helped!!!!. p.s., at least the kind of snails ( Full Answer )
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Do snails leave their shell?

A: Like turtles, snails are attached to their shells. They cannot leave their shells and live. If the body is out of the shell totally, the snail is dead. A few people have sw ( Full Answer )
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Does snails eat leaves?

Snails eat a variety of vegetation, including leaves. However, I recommend you check which leaves you are feeding the snails as some may be poisonous to them. Also, generally ( Full Answer )
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Why do snails leave a slime trail?

Snails leave a slime trail because of their limited movement. Snails are very small creatures, and coupled with the wait of their shell, they do not move very fast. Snails lea ( Full Answer )
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Why did my snail leave its shell?

No species of snail is able to 'leave' its shell. The shell is connected to the snail like a permanent tooth. If it were to leave its shell it would die. so unfortunately the ( Full Answer )
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Does a snail leave its shell for another?

no they don't . they grow back a new one as their shell slips off , just like how a snake sheds it's skin. Actually I am looking for the answer as to why DID my Snail leave ( Full Answer )
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Why do snails live under leaves?

they like moist areas so they will stay any were it is moist like under tree bark, broken logs and man made stuff like planters.
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Why does a snail leave a slimy trail?

This slime trail is the way the snail moves. The snail actually moves on the layer of slime, not the ground. The slime is also slightly adhesive, so snails can climb up walls. ( Full Answer )
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What can snails eat besides leaves?

there are two different kind of snail one lives in land and one in water. water snails eat algae and aquatic plants,as for land all i know is leaves