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Why does cereal get soggy?

When you buy the cereal, the water present on each cell of it has been taken out, giving the cereal that dry consistency. When the cereal is put into milk or water, the cell (MORE)

What is soggy biscuit?

It's a race, presumably an urban myth, whereby a circle of lads wank onto a biscuit. The last one to ejeculate, eats the thing.. I hear Englishmen are very good at the game, (MORE)

Why does a sandwich get soggy?

A sandwich becomes soggy when exposed to moisture or moist ingredients used for a sandwich filling and the sandwich is not consumed directly after being prepared. It can also (MORE)

What rhymes with soggy?

abbey ably achy acme acne aerie agree airy algae alley amply amy andy angry ante anti antsy any aptly army arty ashy aurae aussie awfully baby badly baggy bailee bai (MORE)

How do you avoid soggy canapes?

Two things to help your canapés stay crisp would be to use toasted bread because it does not absorb the moisture of the spread too quickly, or spread your canapé base wi (MORE)
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What is a soggy biscut?

I think you're referring to what I've heard of as a 'wet biscuit'. This refers to a practice that a group of teenage boys might subject a group of younger teenage boys to, as (MORE)
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How do nachos get soggy?

Well, if you put too much nacho cheese then maybe that is the cause. If you use other toppings like onion or jalapenos they have juice, too, and can make the nachos soft. Drai (MORE)

Why is diara soggy?

because the particles start to decay when it hits the air and then it starts to crumble and break down.