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Does Peru have a king?

  The South American country of Peru is a constitutional republic, like the United States. As such, the leader of their executive branch is a President (currently Presiden (MORE)

What is copper in?

  copper is in a lot of things. a couple of them are, ..... pipes, pennys, a lot of wireing, ect.
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Why is Peru Illinois named Peru?

The Origin of the Peru, IL. NameI was born and raised in Peru, IL. and I seem to remember seeing a plaque outside of what was then the Peru fire station stating that the city (MORE)

Who discovered Peru?

Some say that ancient cultures from Asia built ships capable of crossing the pacfic and traded with Peru. But most people belive that it was a spanish exedition led by Francis (MORE)

Can it snow in Peru?

In the capital and all the coast of Perú, it actually doesn't snow (Unfortunately ! D: . ) But in the Andes zone (Mountain Zone) it snows during the winter seasons and it als (MORE)

Is Peru flat?

No, Peru is not flat. Granted there are flat areas in Peru, the entire country is not completely flat. There is actually a great contrast between elevations in the country, an (MORE)