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What are real names of power rangers spd?

The real names of the S.P.D. Power Rangers as in the names of their actors are Brandon Jay McLaren, he played Jack the Red Ranger, Chris Violette, he played Sky Tate, Matt Aus (MORE)

In the Japanese and English version of Power Rangers SPD how many rangers are there?

Believe it or not there was an equal amount of rangers in Power Rangers S.P.D and DekaRanger, but there were Gold (Deka Ranger) and Orange (S.P.D) rangers. Power Rangers S.P.D (MORE)

What episode does the power rangers spd meets dino thunder?

The episodes in which Power Rangers S.P.D. meet up and teamup with  Dino Thunder, they are called "History" and ''Wormhole." The  episode titled "History" only features the (MORE)

Is sky's father wes in power rangers spd?

No, it's not true that Sky's Father is the Red Time Force Ranger. The Red Time Force Rangers (Alex and Wes) both use the same type of costume that Sky's Dad wore before he was (MORE)