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Does special K contain gluten?

Yes. Special K does contain gluten.    Not only is the 2nd ingredient Wheat (which contains gluten) but it  actually contains WHEAT GLUTEN as an ingredient.    (MORE)

How much is a 2006 Kennedy half dollar worth?

Depends on its mint mark and composition. Technically no 2006 halves were released into circulation; all were sold either in mint sets, in bulk bags, or as proofs. However s (MORE)

Does the special K diet work?

I have been on this diet for a week and a half now. They say that it takes up to 2 weeks to lose 6 pounds. i have seen a major difference in my body and my advice to you is if (MORE)

What does the K stand for in Special K?

Potassium. The product is called Kellog's Special K, which gets rid  of any dispute over the "K" standing for Kellog's. It would be  silly to name a product Kellog's Special (MORE)

What is the value of a 2006 kennedy half dollar?

Face value if it's from circulation. All circulation halves dated 1971 and later are made of copper-nickel, not silver. A cupronickel proof version in its original packagin (MORE)

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