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Who is the wife Silas Marner?

Silas Marner never has a wife, but when he was in Lantern Yard, he was engaged to Sarah. The relationship was ended when Silas' "ex best friend" William Dane interfered and st (MORE)

What tradeswoman was baptized by Paul and Silas?

The woman you have in mind is probably Lydia, a "seller of purple from the city of Thyatira" (Acts 16:14). She and her household were baptized in the town of Philippi on Paul' (MORE)

Who wrote Silas Marner?

George Eliot is the name seen as the author for Silas Marner. George Eliot was in fact a pen name for Mary Anne Evans. She used the name George Eliot so that her work would be (MORE)

In what city were Paul and Silas imprisoned?

A:Acts chapter 16 says that Paul and Silas were imprisoned in Philippi and that while praying at night, an earthquake freed them, although as honourable men they refused to es (MORE)

What is the moral lesson in Silas Marner?

We cannot base our happiness on only material  things but also with the relationship with other people so that we  will know true happiness. No matter how deep you bury your (MORE)

On Prison break what is Sila supposed to be?

  It's Scylla. And Scylla is different cards that are all encrypted. The cards have every bit of information regarding The Company. The cards (Scylla) can only be read whe (MORE)

What are the conflict in silas marner?

Silas vs. Silas; he isolates himself. Godfrey vs. Godfrey; he needs to man up. Dunstan vs. Godfrey; Dunstan is a jerk. Silas vs. Society; he is no longer part of society, nor (MORE)

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