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Will Phineas and Ferb have a spin-off?

The New York Times report also notes that a spinoff is being considered based on the Fireside Girls, the troop of Girl Scout-like teens led by the Phineas-infatuated character (MORE)

What are the tv spin offs from all in the family?

The following TV series are spin-offs from All In The Family: Good Times, Maude, The Jeffersons, Gloria, & Archie Bunker,s Place. Maude and the Jeffersons. Also: "Archie Bunke (MORE)

What sitcom has the most spin offs?

HAPPY DAYS!   spin-offs; Laverne & Shirley, Blansky's Beauties, Mork & Mindy, Out of the Blue, and Joanie Loves Chachi.   There are two animated series. One was produced (MORE)

What is mass media spin?

Reporter's or source's bias portrayal. Truth is not a requirement. Creative presentation by selectively presenting facts to support ideal positions. Also cherry picking.
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Will there be a Charmed Spin Off?

It appears Holly Marie Combs has written a spin off, but CW rejected it. Although other companys are looking into it
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Is Judaism a spin-off of Christianity?

No. Christianity might be considered a spin-off of Judaism, since Jesus was a Jew, as well as his disciples. Christianity is the fulfillment of Judaism since Jesus revealed th (MORE)