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What is spirituality?

It is an art of understanding what you are ,who you are, etc. When one rectifies his mistakes he comes to reality. When one understands his reality he comes to know what the s (MORE)

What are spirituals?

Spirituals are religious songs that were originated by AfricanAmericans. Most of the spirituals date back to slavery days. Thesongs were sung by the slaves as a way to put hop (MORE)
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What is a spiritual?

anytthing yo do with the energy realm as opposed to the material The cosmos are physical but hav an invisible side called the spirit world which acually rules reality Energy c (MORE)
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What is spirituality and are Atheists spiritual?

Spirituality is the belief in a soul or spirit and the relationship between it, everyday life and "what comes next" (if anything). Atheists can indeed be spiritual, as they si (MORE)

What is spiritual physcology?

Spiritual psychology refers to a spot in the brain that has to deal with religion. Scientists have done some studies on religion that show that while religion may have a posit (MORE)

What is Spirituality Guidance?

If you are a christian spiritual guidance is when you are guided by the Holy Spirit and not your own knowledge. Sorry, but your answer is predicated based on YOUR limited (MORE)

What is spiritual reassessment?

Let's look at the words to figure this out, yes? Spiritual: Something to do with spirits, religion, and/or beliefs. Assessment: A decision on something. Re: A prefix that usu (MORE)

What is spiritually?

It is my firm belief that "Spirituality" is born in a person and then develops as time passes. However, it can be dormant and then kick-started by a religion, or maybe a revel (MORE)