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What does SPQR mean on the Roman standard?

SPQR is an initialism or formula for the Latin phrase, Senātus Populusque Rōmānus, meaning "The Senate and the People of Rome." This is a reference to the nation o (MORE)
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Can you be SPQR on rome total war?

Edit the Dscr_Strat and you will play as them, careful though; you might destroy game play if you execute this move imperfectly.
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What does SPQR mean in English?

In English, SPQR is usually translated to mean "The Senate and the Roman people" However, literally it would be "the senate and the citizen people of Rome". But there is contr (MORE)
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Why is SPQR important to the Romans?

SPQR stood for 'senatus populusque Romanus', meaning 'the senate and people of Rome'. It was important, because it was used as an official seal for the government, and appeare (MORE)
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What was the SPQR?

SPQR was the motto of ancient Rome. It was the abbreviated form of senatus poplusque romanus, which translated means the senate and the roman people. The Romans (just to make (MORE)
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In the film gladiators what does SPQR stand for?

S.P.Q.R. I supose and hope that it stands for the same thing as in reality : Senatus PopulusQue Romanus in latin The Senat and the People of Rome. Hope i could help
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What is q in spqr?

The "Q" in S.P.Q.R. stood for the latin suffix "-que" which was added to any latin noun following a previous noun (in this case Populus) to stand for the conjunction "and", th (MORE)
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Why is SPQR significant?

SPQR was an acronym which stood for S enatum P opules q ue R omanus (the Senate and the Roman People). It was the symbol of the Roman Republic. It was inscribed on coins, a (MORE)
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What does the roman symbol SPQR stand for?

SPQR stands for Senatus Populusque Romanum, which means The Roman Senate and the People, and which is usually translated as The Senate and the people of Rome