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What are the high school courses that are needed to get into Ohio State University?

  High School Classes Needed for Ohio State   Ohio State University has some classes that you need in order to get accepted. Those are:   * English - 4 units  * F (MORE)

Can you move out at 17 in Ohio if you have graduated high school?

  Answer   Graduating from high school is not an emancipating event, nor does Ohio have an emancipation statute. I suppose you could move out if you had parental pe (MORE)

Is St. Francis Xavier School park slope a good school?

YES IT IS A GOOD SCHOOL. It is a wonderful school it's strict,private and catholic very talented the teachers and students have patiences . It is also run by Sister Kathleen . (MORE)

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What are the symbols of St. Francis Xavier?

The symbols that are associated with Saint Francis Xavier are: A crucifix; preacher carrying a flaming heart; bell; globe; vessel; young bearded Jesuit in the company of Saint (MORE)