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Who was Albert Lea?

Albert Miller Lea was an American engineer, soldier, and topographer with the United States Dragoons who surveyed southern Minnesota and northern Iowa in 1835.   Albert Lea (MORE)

What did Albert Einsten do?

The Accomplishments of Albert Einstein The four major areas of science that Albert Einstein contributed to are Light, Time, Energy and Gravity. Light Einstein's fascination (MORE)
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What did Albert Claude do?

Albert Claude (August 24, 1899 - May 22, 1983) was a Belgian biologist who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1974. He studied medicine at the University of Lieg (MORE)

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Who was Albert Einstein?

Albert Einstein is possibly the most famous scientist who ever lived! He was a theoretical physicist and mathematician, and a genius. One of his better known achievements was (MORE)

Why is Albert famous?

Albert Einstein is famous because of his work in the field of  theoretical physics. He discovered several scientific laws, and he  also worked on the atomic bomb. Furthermor (MORE)

What is Stephen?

Stephen is a king and means crown and is smart Stephen comes from the Greek name meaning "crowned one".
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Where was Albert Einstein from?

Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Warttemberg, Germany on March  14th, 1879. Six weeks later he and his family moved to Munich. He  studied and worked in Switzerland. He retu (MORE)