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What is stereo typing?

  OK stereo typing is making fun of somebody's body and sexuality very badly and it is against the law to do so. It is best to tell somebody if it happens to you so it c (MORE)
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How do you know if it is realistic fiction?

You know when a book is realistic fiction when you ask yourself these questions.... 1. Is the book based on a true story? If it is not, so far, your book is realistic fiction. (MORE)

Is The Lord of the Flies realistic fiction?

It can be realistic fiction. It is also mostly historical fiction. Other genres can be: adventure story, castaway fiction, loss-of-innocence fiction, an example of an allegory (MORE)

What is realist theory in international relations?

Realism posits that the world is inherently anarchical meaning that there is no overarching power/institution to regulate and monitor state action. Thus, states must fend for (MORE)

What does stereo illumination on a stereo mean?

Illumination is the ability to lighten the screen or darken the screen with the other dash lights on the vehicle. normally you will have two orange wires coming from the cars (MORE)

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What is the opposite of realistic?

The opposite of realistic (in appearance) could be abstract, or surrealistic. The opposite of realistic (reasonable, practical) could be unrealistic, impractical, or infeasi (MORE)
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What are realistic Holocaust movies?

Schindler's List is a great realistic Holocaust movie. It is based on a real person and real events that did occur. The Pianist is another true story. The Diary of Anne Frank (MORE)

What does realist mean?

A person that lives in the here and now. Doesn't think along the lines of, if I win the lottery, if only this and if only that. A person that is totally down to earth, almost (MORE)

How was freda kahlo a realist?

Frida Kahlo was both a realist and a surrealist. The way Kahlo paints is very realistic, especially in the way she paints self-portraits, going so far as to accentuate her fla (MORE)