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What is a stillbirth?

A stillbirth is when a baby is born still, or motionless. The baby is not alive, nor breathing. He/She has sadly passed away and is dead when born. After a stillbirth, the fam ( Full Answer )
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What is stillbirth and what causes it?

Stillbirth is a term used to describe the death of a baby before delivery in a pregnancy that has lasted at least 20 weeks gestation. The following are conditions that can con ( Full Answer )
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What is macerated stillbirth?

All stillbirths are macerated. The term "macerated" refers to everychange that takes place while the fetus is in utero prior to itsdeath.
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What is the prognosis after a stillbirth?

With the exception of women with diabetes, women who have a stillbirth have as good a chance of carrying a future pregnancy to term as women who are pregnant for the first tim ( Full Answer )
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How is a stillbirth diagnosed?

can listen for the fetal heartbeat with a stethoscope, use Doppler ultrasound to detect the heartbeat, or give the mother an electronic fetal nonstress test. In this test, the ( Full Answer )
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How is a stillbirth treated?

In most cases of intrauterine death, the mother will go into labor within two weeks of the baby's death.
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What are the symptoms of stillbirth?

In most cases the only symptom of stillbirth is that the mother notices that the baby has stopped moving.
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What defines a stillbirth?

After the twentieth week, the unintended end of a pregnancy is called a stillbirth if the infant is dead at birth and premature delivery if it is born alive.
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What is needed after a stillbirth?

Emotional support from family and friends, self-help groups, and counseling by a mental health professional can help bereaved parents cope with their loss.
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What is false stillbirth?

In certain countries, including France, children born alive who died before registration may be legally included among the stillborn, and are called false stillbirths .