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How do you get into joe stockmans body on poptropica virus hunter?

Once you go to the falafel stand on the far right, follow the owner  to globochem. go to the top floor to find joe, then take a picture  of him. Bring the photo back to Dr.L (MORE)

When diagnosed with 3c 4c 5c 6c bulging discs with severe head pain and pain in your neck radiating into shoulders left arm and tingling in your fingers what all can be done is there a pinched nerve?

If the disks are herniated (bulging is another term) the specific nerves causing your problems ARE being pinched/compressed by the disks - that's what happens when you herni (MORE)

Duties and responsibilities of stockman?

Check and package items accurately Maintain cleanliness of the area and equipment assigned Receive and check all incoming stocks from suppliers and forwarder (only if assign (MORE)

Which is better between the IPhone 5 and the IPhone 5c?

The iPhone 5C is the cheaper version of the iPhone 5. It's exactly  the same except the outer shell on the iPhone is made from  aluminium. On the iPhone 5C it is made from p (MORE)

10 Embarrassing Political Gaffes on Twitter

Twitter is proving to be a powerful tool for communication and the political apparatus is doing what it can to jump on the bandwagon. However, many of today's politicians come (MORE)

13 'Ninja Turtles' Characters We Want to See Again

If Michael Bay ever decides to make a sequel to his first live-action "Ninja Turtles" reboot, these characters need to be included.Shredder gets all the credit, but Krang is a (MORE)

10 Things You Didn't Know About Lea Michele

Lea's "Glee" character Rachel may have her own issues with Quinn, played by Dianna Agron, but in real life, the two actresses became roommates when the show first began. They (MORE)

13 Characters That Need to Be in a Ninja Turtles Sequel

With the commercial success of the Michael Bay helmed reboot, a sequel or six are a sure thing. This is good because, despite how entertaining the movie was, it still felt lik (MORE)

What is the difference between BL-4C and BL-5C?

BL-4C has GND-to-BSI resistance of 75 kOhm with capacity of 860  mAh.It runs at 3.7 V   BL-5C has two series:   1.BL-5CA has GND-to-BSI resistance of 47 kOhm with cap (MORE)

What is the job description of a stockman?

The job description of a stockman in a manufacturing setting will  include the duties of allocating parts within a company so that  specific products can be made. As in the (MORE)

Near which Australian outback town is the Stockmans Hall of Fame located?

The Stockman's Hall of Fame is located in Longreach in central Queensland. The name does accurately reflect what the Stockman's Hall of Fame is all about. It is more of a "Fol (MORE)