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What is a Stokes litter?

A particular design of rescue basket or litter that is easy to dismantle and re-erect and so is very portable and highly suitable for use by rescue services. For more informa ( Full Answer )
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Who is stokely carmichael?

Stokely Carmichael was a black activist who has become famous forcoining the phrase "Black Power".
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Who is Louise Stokes?

Louise Stokes was one of the first two African Americans women to qualify for an Olympic Games. In 1932, Louise Stokes and Tydie Pickett won positions on the U.S. Olympic r ( Full Answer )
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Who is Carl Stokes?

carl stokes was the first aqfrican American mayor of a major U.S city.he was an American politicain of the democratic partt who served as the 51st mayor of Cleveland
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What is Stokes Paradox?

Stokes is the father of the modern fluid mechanics. He demonstrated the differential equations used nowdays that describes the fluid flow either internal flow (flow inside pie ( Full Answer )
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Who is MD Stokes?

A gospel music producer out of Augusta G.A who has a group called M.D Stokes and Victorious Praise.
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What is a stoke used for?

stoke is used for many things such as pottery, getting drunk and becoming hard [also buying lots of oatcakes]
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Who is Elise Stokes?

Elise is an author from Washington. Her most famous work to date is, Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula Please see the related link below for more information on Elise.
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What is Wipeout from stoked?

He is a guy that plays the part of the resort mascot. You never see him without his costume on.
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Is stoke a city?

There is a professional soccer club calling itself "Stoke City",but the full name of the city is Stoke-on-Trent.