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How many stories does the tallest building have?

137 Stories high located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Named Burj Al' Dubai which means The Tower of Dubai or just simply Tower of Dubai in Arabic. Most commonly misnamed as (MORE)
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How tall is a 10 story building?

A ten story building is a one hundred foot tall building because usually a story is ten feet tall so multiply ten by ten and you get a hundred feet.
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How tall is a one story building?

It can range anywhere from about 10 feet to 526 feet (the height of the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building) We arent really lookin for a nasa thing though.
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What are the measurements of a 100 story building?

The measurements could be anything, but if you want to approximate dimensions the height could be about 10 feet per floor so a reasonable hieight would be about 1,000 feet tal (MORE)
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How high is a 5 story building?

A 5 story building would be at least about 50 feet or taller. It depends on the distance between each floor, and the type of roof construction.
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What is a building story?

like how many floors like if a school had 3 floors it would be 3 stories tall
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Why do buildings have stories?

They have many tales to tell? The word storey comes from Latin and meant a tier of paintings. So each floor is a new tier or storey. I have to remind myself , when I visit (MORE)
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Why they call a story building a story but it doesn't have a story?

A story, or storey, when describing a building, refers to how many floor-levels the building has. So a single-storey, or single-story, building only has one level. Multi-st (MORE)
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What is a three story building?

A three story building has three levels, each level called a story. The first level rests on the ground, and you go upstairs to get to the 2nd and 3rd. The number of stories d (MORE)
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What are details of single story building?

there are far too many variables, unknowns, and conditions to have such a thing as "details of a single story building". having said that, all buildings commercial architec (MORE)