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What does strife mean?

Definitions of strife on the Web:. discord: lack of agreement or harmony . bitter conflict; heated often violent dissension . Strife is a first-person shooter computer (MORE)

Who is the goddess of strife?

Eris (Greek ???? , "Strife") is the Greek goddess of strife, discord, contention and rivalry, her name being translated into Latin as Discordia, -ae, I-f. Her Greek opposite (MORE)

Who is Cloud Strife?

Cloud Strife, though, is the main character in Final Fantasy VII. He has spiky blond hair and is often seen carring a huge, wide sword, called a Buster Sword. His story is a V (MORE)

What is a sentence with strife in it?

e is mentioned, in connection with Bertrand De born, who fomented the strife with his son. . A century ago, a number of the region's great nations were not free nations, or (MORE)

The meaning of strife?

Simply put, it is when people do not get along. Often it is worse when tensions rise, and when that happens, fights often break out (The likely hood of this occurring depends (MORE)

What is internal strife?

Internal strife is when one is at battle within themselves. Theyexperience conflict within and are bound to be stressed, anxiousand uneasy. When someone is dealing with intern (MORE)
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What does the phrase internal strife mean?

Internal strife is when one is at battle within. The root of their strife is usually from their past and/ childhood experiences in which they have not found peace. Internal st (MORE)
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Was cloud strife a puppet?

Cloud Strife was considered to be an engineered and altered being who connects and alters at Sephiroth's will, thus he is a 'puppet'.