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What did pilgrims struggle of?

they struggled because George Washington did not like them and despited them so the pilgrims were all massacred by George Washington.
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What is meant by struggle?

STRUGGLE: A profound state of buffoonery or oafish ness characterized by pitiful performance or inability to complete menial tasks; When referring to an object, it indicate ( Full Answer )
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Why do you struggle to sleep?

Possibly you have some worries you are thinking about and can't turn off. We don't have control of our thoughts, they seem to just come into our minds unless there are specifi ( Full Answer )
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What did Heracles struggle with?

When Hercules was a baby, he killed two snakes that Hera sent tokill him. He killed the Nemean lion, the hydra, and many othermonsters. He also killed his wife and children be ( Full Answer )
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What is the struggle for Acadia?

this is when the british and the french were fighting for a cadia. the mi kmaq also wanted acadia but they werent in the picture.
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What is tripartite struggle?

There was constant rivalry between the palas, the gujarat pratiharas and the rashtrakutas. This is known as tripartite struggle or the struggle between the three kingdoms
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What is the noun of struggle?

The word 'struggle' is a singular, common, abstract noun ; a word for a violent or strenuous effort orexertion; a word for a thing. The noun forms of the verb to struggle are ( Full Answer )
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What does Persephone struggles with?

She struggles with having to be in the underworld with Hades when he captured her. Persephones mother stops the season in depression when she is taken. But in the end there is ( Full Answer )
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What is a struggle?

A struggle is an effort to do something that is very difficult for you to do. A struggle is a battle, or difficult effort, against someone or something. It can be a conflict w ( Full Answer )