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What does subcutaneous mean?

Answer . That term means beneath the skin and refers to the connective tissues and adipose tissues that are between the skin and above the muscles. Other terms that mean ( Full Answer )
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What is the subcutaneous layer?

The subcutaneous layer is beneath the dermis layer of skin. This iswhere fat cells and connective tissues are located.. Beneath the skin..
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What is a subcutaneous nodule?

Answer . a bump under the skin - skin has three layer, epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous - subcutaneous is the inner-most layer
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Where is the subcutaneous layer?

The human skin is made up of three basic layers ; the epidermis (outer layer), the dermis(middle layer) beneath the epidermis and the subcutaneous layer beneath the dermis. Th ( Full Answer )
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What is subcutaneous phycomycosis?

Subcutaneous phycomycosis is a fungal infection of the human skin.It is very uncommon but is considered to be a chronic andprogressive condition within the deeper layers of th ( Full Answer )
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What is a subcutaneous gland?

Small glands in the skin that secrete oil into hair follicles and onto the body surface. this makes the hair greasy (oily) and also makes the body sweat and look oily. :)
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What is subcutaneous bleeding?

This refers to bleeding under the big toe. it is caused by jedward. thiss helps Subcutaneous means "beneath the skin".
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What is the prefix of subcutaneous?

Prefix sub- meaning under or below Root cutane- meaning skin Suffix -ous meaning pertaining to Subcutaneous - Pertaining to below the skin
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What is subcutaneous administration?

Subcutaneous administration involves injecting the solution intothe subcutaneous tissue beneath the layers of skin (i.e. the spacebetween the dermis and the muscle).