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How do you serve a subpoena?

You have to check the laws in the state where the subpoena is to be served. Typically, you must "personally serve" a copy of the subpoena, which means delivering it directly t (MORE)

What does subpoena mean?

Ït's a Latin word meaning "under penalty" and if someone delivers a subpoena to you have to respond. A subpoena is a command from a court to appear before it and testify as (MORE)

What is an information subpoena?

An information subpoena is a type of subpoena that requires an individual, corporation, or other entity to produce information regarding a judgment debtor's assets. The articl (MORE)

How is a subpoena issued?

A subpoena is an order of the court issued during a lawsuit for a person to appear or to provide documents. It has to be issued by an officer of the court, either the clerk of (MORE)

Who Can issue Subpoenas?

Typically subpoenas are issued during the discovery phase of a lawsuit. You or your lawyer will send the request for a subpoena to the court and if the request is granted, the (MORE)

How do you get a subpoena?

In civil cases, like personal injury, in order to subpoeana either a witness or a piece of evidence, you must file for the subpoena with the court, if it apporved it will be s (MORE)

How can you get a subpoena?

You must first be involved in a lawsuit. During the discovery phase of the suit, you will need to file a subpoena with the court, then the court will send out a process server (MORE)

Where to send subpoena?

That will depend on what state you're in. Check your state's Secretary of State's website for a listing of business entities and where legal process goes for each. You can pro (MORE)