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How do you serve a subpoena?

You have to check the laws in the state where the subpoena is to be served. Typically, you must "personally serve" a copy of the subpoena, which means delivering it directly t ( Full Answer )
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What is subpoena?

It's where a person has to go to court, by order. Sub poena means 'under penalty'.
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What does subpoena mean?

Ït's a Latin word meaning "under penalty" and if someone delivers a subpoena to you have to respond. A subpoena is a command from a court to appear before it and testify as ( Full Answer )
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What is an information subpoena?

An information subpoena is a type of subpoena that requires an individual, corporation, or other entity to produce information regarding a judgment debtor's assets. The articl ( Full Answer )
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Can you refuse a subpoena?

No if you do not answer a subpoena you will be in contempt of court and may be arrested.
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How is a subpoena issued?

A subpoena is an order of the court issued during a lawsuit for a person to appear or to provide documents. It has to be issued by an officer of the court, either the clerk of ( Full Answer )
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Who Can issue Subpoenas?

Typically subpoenas are issued during the discovery phase of a lawsuit. You or your lawyer will send the request for a subpoena to the court and if the request is granted, the ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a subpoena?

In civil cases, like personal injury, in order to subpoeana either a witness or a piece of evidence, you must file for the subpoena with the court, if it apporved it will be s ( Full Answer )
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How can you get a subpoena?

You must first be involved in a lawsuit. During the discovery phase of the suit, you will need to file a subpoena with the court, then the court will send out a process server ( Full Answer )
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Where to send subpoena?

That will depend on what state you're in. Check your state's Secretary of State's website for a listing of business entities and where legal process goes for each. You can pro ( Full Answer )