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What is a 'substantial' building?

Substantial Building . A substantial building is now referred to as a heroon . A heroon (plural heroa, also called a heroum) was a shrine dedicated to an ancient Gree (MORE)

What is substantial hardship?

Substantial hardship is a large issues that causes stress. Forexample losing one's job and being unable to pay the mortgage wouldbe a substantial hardship.

What does substantial mean?

It means "having substance". That can imply that it is heavy or bulky or just large. When someone offers something "at a substantial discount" they mean the discount will be b (MORE)

What is a substantial atmosphere?

Although I'm not 100% sure. I do take its meaning as a notable,significant and meaningful atmosphere as for example the moon'Titan' has a 'substantial atmosphere' and the reas (MORE)

What is substantial unity?

This is a subjective appraisal of the state of a group. In otherwords, it would be one person's belief about how the members of agroup feel about a certain issue. . To say th (MORE)