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What is the suggested retail price for a Remington model 597 rifle?

  Got mine (Synthetic stock with blued barrel) for about $160 a Walmart actually.. haha but that was several years ago, Outdoor World (Bass Pro) said they have a Xmas sale (MORE)

What are retailers?

Retailers are people who sell products (of whatever kind) to the general public. In comparison, wholesalers are people who sell products only to retailers, and not to the gene (MORE)

What are the suggestions?

This question may be a bit hard to understand so.... LETS CHANGE IT!!! to What are suggestions? Answer: Suggestions are eg: "Excuse me Miss. Summer, I have a suggestion. (MORE)

How can you get into retail?

Its really easy to get into retail because retail is everywhere. Yopu can simply apply in a store that sells something and then your there. If you wanted to go higher than tha (MORE)