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What is gender superiority?

Gender Superiority is considered as the acknowledgement that the majority of a gender is better than the other in a given area. This doesn't not mean that all persons belongin ( Full Answer )
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What does superior mean?

Superior means- 1. Higher in quality: above average or better than another inquality or grade 2. Better than others: beat others in something such as intellect,achievement, or ( Full Answer )
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What is a superior mirage?

A superior mirage happens when an image (mirage) of an objectappears above the actual object. This happens due to the bending oflight waves.
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What is superior conjunction?

i think it means . of higher rank, quality, or importance or better than something else
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What is Aryan Superiority?

It is the controversial notion that Caucasian are superior tomembers of other races. It is the root of a lot of racism.
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Where is superior?

LAKE Superior, is one of the chain of the North American Great Lakes. It forms part of the boundary between the United States and Canada in the general area of the state of Mi ( Full Answer )
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What is the superior lake?

Lake Superior is the largest of all the Great Lakes. It is borderedby Minnesota, Ontario, Wisconsin, and Michigan. It is the largestfreshwater lake in the world based on surfa ( Full Answer )
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What are the superior planets?

\n \n\n. \n. Planets that orbit outside the Earth's orbital path. They are: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.\n.
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What are superior and inferior?

You should really look these words up in a dictionary. Generally speaking, superior is greater, and inferior is lesser. Superior steak is really good steak that you pay a high ( Full Answer )
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What is the noun for Superior?

The word 'Superior' (capital S) is a noun, a proper noun , the name of a Lake in the northern US. The word 'superior' (lower case s) is a noun, a common noun , a word for ( Full Answer )