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What is descriptive survey method?

A descriptive survey method is a kind of research where  participants answer the set of questions. The responses are then  studies and explained.

What are ethical issues when using survey method for research?

There are no ethical concerns unless its causing hindrance or not sanctioned by the party which is being surveyed. The only ethical issues are compliance with the policy of (MORE)

What is the Survey method of research in psychology?

A survey is a data collection tool used to gather information about individuals. Surveys are commonly used in psychology research to collect self-report data from study parti (MORE)

What is the Definition of normative method of survey?

Normative method of survey involves using practices that pertain to  the surveyed group. The researcher should already know what these  practices and the probable reactions (MORE)

Methods of plane table surveying?

Methods of Plane Table Radiation Intersection Traversing Resection
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What is survey research?

  Survey research is the practice of gathering specific data from consumer and business groups for the purpose of marketing. A survey will ask a series of questions that r (MORE)

Methods of research?

There are a wide variety of research methods. Some of these include  observational research, correlation research, true experiments, as  well as quasi-experiments.
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What is the survey method?

  A method in which uses interviews and questionnaires to collect information from large numbers of people.
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