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Can you bring a knife to the tv game show survivor?

I doubt they will let you bring a knife on the game show Survivor. It would be hard to pass through the airport with a knife, let alone bring it to a remote Survivor destinati (MORE)

Why was TV show numbers cancelled?

The series Numb3rs was cancelled after six seasons because it was no longer profitable for the network CBS to air it.  The ratings weren't high enough to warrant high enough (MORE)
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Do they still show Pokemon on tv?

ya stupido. to be more specific it is still on cartoon network every weekday at like 6 am. and the newest Pokemon T.V. show is on saturdays at 7 am.
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How do you burn a DVD from a tv show?

Well you should look at it on the internet and then save it.Then you insert a blank disc in to the slot in your computer or laptop.Then you click on burn and wait for it to bu (MORE)

How do TV ratings affect TV shows?

well if the show does not get good enough ratings,the show will eventuallybe cancelld because with out our views the stars in the show can not get paid well enough. basically (MORE)

Is the TV show The Nanny on regualr TV?

it is on all days at 11:00 on nick@nite or nickelodeon as it is called during the day
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How do you get on the TV show on reality TV island?

On Reality TV Island, you get an application for the TV show, fill it out, and mail it in. In doing so, you meet a previous contestant, the supposedly "famous" Bucky Lucas. (MORE)

Is the TV show Friends Awesome?

Yes it is. it is about 6 friends that live in Manhattan. They are: Rachel Green: Jennifer Aniston Phoebie Boefay: Lisa Kudrow Monica Geller: Courtney Cox Ross Geller: David Sc (MORE)