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What was a medieval tanner?

A tanner, in medieval times or today, is a person who makes leather. Tanners were highly skilled workers, but they were forced to live on the fringes of society because of the (MORE)

How old is tanner Cohen?

Tanner Cohen is an American stage, film and television actor, and  singer. He was born in 1986.
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Is tanner an adjective?

It can be an adjective or a noun.   Tanner is the comparative form of the adjective tan (tanned).   A tanner is someone who makes and works with hides and leather  (i (MORE)

What events did Henry o tanner do?

Henry Ossawa Tanner (1859-1937) was a famous painter whose mother was born a slave and remained one until her father was granted freedom. Tanner was named "Ossawa" after Osawa (MORE)

Why does bree tanner die?

Because, according to the Volturi, she broke the one of the most important vampire laws: not to expose themselves (vampires), especially by drawing attention to themselves by (MORE)

What is Gaelic for Suzanne?

I know it is impossible to translate as it is very difficult to translate names "as gaeilge" Another answer: Some names are not "translated" so much as they are "substituted f (MORE)

What job did the tanner do in medieval times?

A tanner in the Middle Ages did the same as a tanner does now, which is to make leather, although the process is far less unpleasant nowadays. After an animal such as cattle, (MORE)