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What are Hindu swamis?

Hindu swamis are teachers in the Hindu faith who have some type of connection to God from one of their teachers or ancestors, or even themselves. A swami is a 'master'; refer (MORE)

Why did Swami Dayanand criticise Hinduism?

This question betrays a misconception of the asker. Swamy Dayanand did never criticise Hinduism. He himself was a devout Hindu and became a monk according Hindu tradition. But (MORE)

Who is Swami Dayananda Saraswati?

Swami Dayananda Sarashwati was a Social reformer, Vedic scholar, a Rishi and Rashtrapitamah of India whose teachings, sermons, travels and contributions were responsible to cr (MORE)

Who is swami mukundananda?

Swami Mukundananda is a highly renowned spiritual teacher, who has dedicated his life for the service God and helping people with their spiritual quest. Swamiji is one of the (MORE)

Was Swami Vivekananda a vegetarian?

Swami Vivekanada, being a Bengali by birth, was non-vegetarian...he had no problem during his extended stay in the U.S. where he ate whatever was offered by his American hosts (MORE)

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