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What is swept volume?

It is the volume of air in Diesel engine or the mixture of air and gasoline in petrol engine induced by the cylinder while moving down from the top dead center to the bottom d ( Full Answer )
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What is the best definition for get swept away?

if someone swept away he absolutely leave the place away even if he want to do a trip for example i swepted away my home since one year ago
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Where are eggs swept into?

If we are talking about human eggs being swept away at the end of ovulation, The egg exits the body with the menstrual flow through the Vagina.
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Is swept a verb?

Yes, it is a form of the verb "to sweep." Swept (also sweeped ) is the simple past tense conjugation of sweep. e.g. He swept the floor yesterday.
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What are the characteristics of swept wing?

Swept wings are preferred in supersonic aircraft to facilitate vertical take off and reduce runway length during take off.
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Why are wings swept in an airplane?

The Germans found out that wings that are swept back reduce windresistance, so that their jet powered swept wing ME-262 was muchfaster than the British jet powered straight wi ( Full Answer )
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Why aren't we swept off from the earth?

Swept off... by whom or by what exactly? - There is a force that pulls us towards the center of the Earth. It is called the force of gravity, and it pulls all objects close to ( Full Answer )
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What is the plural form of swept?

The word swept is the past participle, past tense of the verb to sweep ( He swept the floor. ), andan adjective , a word that describes a noun( The plane had a swept wing .) ( Full Answer )
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Is swept an adjective?

It can be (as in swept carpets). It is also a verb form. It is the past tense and past participle of the verb "to sweep."