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What are syllables?

Syllables are the beats that compose a word when you speak it. For instance, the word "syllable" is spoken in three: syl-la-ble.

Syllable for forgiveness?

Here are some: . pardon . absolution . exoneration . remission . dispensation . indulgence . clemency . mercy . reprieve . amnesty Hope this helps! - Keener De (MORE)

What are the syllables for couldn't?

The word "couldn't" is 1 syllable. This word is tricky. It has two vowel sounds, however only 1 ofthose sounds (ou) corresponds to the written vowels "ou". The soundmade in "n (MORE)

Which syllable is the stressed syllable in present?

Which syllable is stressed in the word present will distinguish its meaning and the vowel pronunciation as well. When you stress the first syllable the E in the pre- prefix (MORE)

Where do you get syllables?

In words. For example: there are 3 syllables in the wordSYLLABLE. SILL LA BULL. COM PU TER = 3 syllables PEN CIL = 2 syllables They are like notes in a song. . .la la (MORE)