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Is the Japanese Bullet train called Shinkansen?

Yes, the Shinkansen trains run about every ten minutes and each  line or route has a different name such as the Hikido running from  Tokyo to Osaka in about 2 and a half hou (MORE)
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Is the British Rail Class 395 a Shinkansen?

Yes. Although made in Japan, the British Rail Class 395 is an  English version of the Shinkansen, as it can run on 3rd rail,  overhead lines and can reach a top speed over 1 (MORE)
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How fast can the shinkansen go now?

  During regular service the Shinkansen goes 300 km/h or 186 mph. Test runs have reached 443 km/h or 275 mph for regular   service trains and the Shinkansen as gone 581 (MORE)

Why did AT and T buy T-Mobile?

So that they could create the largest wireless company in the United States from what were the nation's second and fourth providers. They wanted to have twice the subscribers (MORE)

The shinkansen is...?

  It is a bullet train(train with no wheels but magnets controlling it)it is called shinkansen in Japan meaning "new trunk line". did that help? 0_0   It is a bullet tr (MORE)

What does the t stand for in mr t?

sorry, but it does not stand for trouble. because his name can sometimes be hard to pronounce, people just call him Mr. T; the "T" stands for his last name which is Tureaud.
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