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What were guerilla tactics?

Guerrilla tactics (AKA Guerrilla Warfare) is a term used for any kind of tactics that aren't used by a conventional army. Such tactics Include Hit and Run attacks where a smal (MORE)

What is tactics?

tactics is when you think about a plan to do something like in football or war. war tactics are about how many men will fight or how many tanks should roll up the beach of Nor (MORE)

What is a tactic?

A tactic is almost like a plan. a sales tactic is like saying:"It is 15$ but you may have it for 12$" when the actual price is 12$. your just making it sound like a better dea (MORE)

What are the tactics in trampolining?

well.... if you are competing,,, 1. present, if you dont know how to, ask your coach 2. give a cheesey grin and smile when you present 3. remember to 'touchdown' 4.w (MORE)

What is tactical?

Tactical refers to technical plans in business. It also refers to  plans and strategies in the military. People use tactical plans to  increase their chances of succeeding.
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What is tactic movement?

the free type of movements induced by some external stimuli like light, temperature, chemicals, etc is called tactic movement or taxisms . There are 3 type of TACTIC movement (MORE)
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What is a tactic for tennis?

There are many tactics in tennis such as pushing, baselining, volleying(serve-and-volley), and variations of these. Pushing is hardly a tactic, but more so for beginners. It's (MORE)

What is blitzkrieg tactic?

First off the Ju-78 or Stukas Did their bombing of important positions of enemy like bunkers trains etc. Then The Panzers or tanks went ahead as killed all the infantry. While (MORE)