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How do you wipe your tears?

To wipe your tears:Raise your hand slightly next to cheeck area or nose or as desired.Use one or two fingers to get ready to wipe.Position your hand under eye lid.Slowly wipe (MORE)
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What are tears made of?

Tears are made water and contain sodium chloride and contain a bit of mucus, a lot of antibodies and plenty of lysozyme.
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Can you drink your tears?

Yes, while crying people often lick the tears off their face. This is safe, it is after all just water, mucus, and oil (your natural fluids) and it would make no difference i (MORE)

Why are tears hot?

  Tears are released from the eye ducts at just below body temperature (98.6°F / 37°C ) and skin temperature is usually lower (91°F / 32.7°C ), so the liquid initially (MORE)

What rhymes with tear?

For "tear" meaning a drop of water that comes out of your eye: fear deer seer leer weir year beer hear ear jeer mere near peer rear veer For "tear" meaning "to rip": bear, (MORE)

What is an annular tear?

The intervertebral disc that sits between two vertebrae contains a highly pressurized center called the nucleus pulposus. This material is held in place by a strong ligamentou (MORE)

Where is the Trail of Tears?

The "Trail of Tears" is not a single geographic path, but anoverall term for the forcible relocation of Native American tribes(along many different routes) from the southeaste (MORE)

What causes tears?

Tear ducts leak water, bodies are 90% water, water excreted is salty, the brain sends a message to the tear ducts when you are sad and the tear ducts clean themselves by relea (MORE)
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Flow your Tears?

Flow My Tears is a very old very popular pieces of music. This  piece is a treasure in Baroque music.

What does tear gas do?

Tear gas is actually not a gas, but the vapor of a crystal. The two most common are CN and CS. When heated, or blown about in a fine powder, they cause a burning sensation sen (MORE)