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What is Rotator cuff tendinopathy?

when the supraspinatus tendon becomes compressed by the greatertuberosity when the arm is adducted and abducted. This restrictsthe blood supply, creates avascular zone and pro ( Full Answer )
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Is the spelling of the tendon condition tendonopathy or tendinopathy?

Either ' tendinopathy' or' tendonopathy' is correct, according to both Merriam Webster and The Free Dictionary. More specifically, it can be tendinitis, (or tendonitis), or ( Full Answer )
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What does infraspinatus tendinopathy mean?

The Infraspinatus is one of the four rotator cuff muscles in the shoulder that helps to stabilize and rotate the arm. A tendon is where the muscle attaches to bone. Tendinopat ( Full Answer )
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What is tendinopathy?

The term "tendinopathy" is a general one for injuries or conditions that affect tendons. Some more specific categories are tendinitis and tendinosis.
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What is mild distal quadriceps tendinopathy?

mild -- not too bad distal -- at the far end quadripceps - muscle at the front of the thigh tendinopathy - disease of the tendon
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What is the icd-9 code for tendinopathy?

There is no ICD-9 code found for tendinopathy. There are codes fortendonitis and they vary depending on what part of the body isbeing treated.
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What if have a MRI it shows mild supraspinatus tendinopathy and peritendinitis with borderline impingement has 6 to7mm clearance between anterolateral acromion and hemeral head what should be done?

I have found over the past 5 years of enduring a similar injury to my left shoulder that this is pretty much going to be a life long thing, and while everyone was very nice du ( Full Answer )