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Why are the claims on antarctica all wedge shaped?

Territorial claims in Antarctica are drawn along lines of longitude, which all converge at the South Pole, and many overlap. This is probably because the continent is covered (MORE)

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What countries have a territory in Antarctica?

The following countries all have a territorial claim on Antarctica  for the purpose of scientific research - Argentina, Australia,  Chile, France, New Zealand, Norway and th (MORE)

What territory did Jacques Cartier claim for France?

Cartier claimed the northeastern coast of North America (Canada) on behalf of France in 1534, 10 years after the voyages of Verrazano to the Atlantic coasts. Cartier explored (MORE)

Who has claim over Antarctica?

No one does. It is a free land owned by no man, country or state etc. Under the Antarctic Treaty, which governs the planet earth south of 60 degrees South Latitude, no count (MORE)