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Which countries have claimed land on Antarctica?

Antarctica is governed together by the Antarctic Treaty. However, there are seven countries that have territorial claim on territories in Antarctica. These are the United King (MORE)

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What countries have a territory in Antarctica?

The following countries all have a territorial claim on Antarctica  for the purpose of scientific research - Argentina, Australia,  Chile, France, New Zealand, Norway and th (MORE)

Why does the US have no claim on Antarctica?

  The Antarctic Treaty was established and signed by 12 nations in 1959, including Argentina, Australia, Belgium Chile, France, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, USSR (Russia), (MORE)

Why do countries want to claim antarctica?

Loads of countries want to claim Antarctica because it is the world's last great wilderness.   Anarctica has been found to have commercially atractive amounts of non-renewa (MORE)

What countries have claims in Antarctica?

There are seven countries with official claims in Antarctica: They are: . United Kingdom . Australia . New Zealand . France . Norway . Chile . Argentina Brazil has (MORE)

What are countries that lay claim to Antarctica?

While Antarctica is mainly used for research, 49 countries --  representing 80% of the earth's population -- have signed the  Antarctic Treaty. Claims that existed in the 19 (MORE)

Why is there a segment of Antarctica nobody has claimed?

The Antarctic Treaty recognizes claims made prior to 1961 -- some  of which overlap each other, holds them in abeyance and prohibits  future claims to territory on the conti (MORE)