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Is josh groban a tenor?

yes. he sings in the tenor range. baritones are much lower. Actually, Josh Groban is a baritone with a tremendous range that reaches into tenor territory. He describes himsel (MORE)
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Was johnlennon a tenor?

Yes, Lennon was a Tenor. But Tenors in classical music use their voices differently than tenors in rock/pop music. Lennon was a Rock/pop tenor. Pavoratti was a classical lyric (MORE)
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Who is greatest living American Tenor?

Neil Shicoff. The best before him would have to have been Jan  Peerce and Richard Tuckers. Also, of note is the young tenor  Lawrence Brownlee, a fantastic Rossini tenor, ma (MORE)

Can you soak a tenor sax in water?

ABSOLUTELY not. You should never soak any instrument in water, especially a saxophone. Although trombone players can run water through their slide to clean it up, a saxoph (MORE)

What is a 'tenor' singer?

A tenor singer is, usually, the highest male voice used in choral and classical music. In a choir, the female voices are separated into, from highest to lowest, soprano, mezzo (MORE)
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What has happened to the Irish Tenors?

Since the concept of "The Three Tenors" started in 1990, there have been many groups of Irish Tenors. Many are still going, or have changed combinations and some have stopped. (MORE)