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What is textual graph?

A textual graph is a graph where the results and comparisons are  written out instead of expressed in numbers. A textual graph has a  list of comparisons divided into column (MORE)

Which runlevel is textual multi-user mode?

[Shutdown the system] Runlevel 1: Single user mode Runlevel 2: Basic multi user mode without NFS Runlevel 3: Full multi user mode (text based) Runlevel 4: Unused Run (MORE)

What is textual presentation data?

Textual presentation data refers to data presented in written, paragraph form. The alternative refers to graphs or other types of visual charts.
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What is textual aides?

Textual aids are things that can make print stand out more so it is emphasized. Some examples of textual aids are bold, italics, graphs, pictures, and even symbols.
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What is a textual evidence?

Textual evidence is evidence/support used to support an  argument/position, and is derived from reading and drawing from  other text. It is provided in the form of quotation (MORE)
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What are the principal components of a textual use-case description?

Answer: Name: The name of the use case. Brief Description: A brief description of the role and purpose of the use case. Flow of events: A textual description of what the s (MORE)

What are textual connections?

A textual connection is a connection (usually to life or an idea) that is pulled from the text itself. (May be quoted from the text, or just a general idea that is expressed i (MORE)
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What is a textual aid?

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What are textual aids?

Some examples of textual aids are bold print, italicized words,  pictures, graphs. Writing is the representation of language in a  textual medium through the use of a set of (MORE)