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What is texture?

The look & feel of something. Example: The rock's texture is smooth . The physical feeling of a fabric or similar material.
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What is texture in music?

Texture changes how the music sounds... Voila, a beautiful paragraph that describes it : "In music, texture is the way the melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic materials are c ( Full Answer )
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What are textures?

Textures are how surfaces feel. Textures are described by how they feel to the touch (rough, scaly, smooth). If you can't touch an object, the texture can be deduced by lookin ( Full Answer )
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What is the texture?

Texture is how a surface feels, or how it is perceived to feel. The texture of the painting is called "actual texture" and can be felt if you are allowed to touch the painting ( Full Answer )
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What are the texture of muffins?

Different types of muffins each have different textures. Some are soft and very cake like, some are denser and more moist like carrot cake, and some are lumpy and bumpy and cr ( Full Answer )
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What is the texture of your lungs?

The lungs are lined with a complicated network of bronchi whichfilter air and extract the oxygen out of it. The texture of thesecan be described as spongy, slimy and supple.
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What is perthitic texture?

A perthitic texture is an intimate intergrowth of sodic and potassic feldspar resulting from subsolidus exsolution (unmixing of two minerals). Strictly speaking a perthite has ( Full Answer )
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What is a pegamatite texture?

A pegmatite texture in a rock is a course-grained Igneous Rock. Granite Pegmatite is a common Igneous rock
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What is fabric texture?

Fabric texture refers to the feel of fabric. The feel will dependon the weave of the fabric. However, finishing techniques can addtextures. Textures can add color, effects or ( Full Answer )
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Is geometric texture a texture that you can see?

Geometric textures are used in a variety of designs. Geometrictextures can always be seen, but many of them are seen on acomputer screen so you cannot touch them. There are so ( Full Answer )