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What is the capitol of Brazil?

The capital of Brazil is Brasilia The Brazilian Capital is Brasília, a planned city build in the 1960's. It was designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer and urbanist Lucio Costa. (MORE)
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Capitol of Yemen?

The Capital is Sana'a. it is also the largest city. Free to add to my answer!

What is capitol hill?

Capitol Hill is the slightly higher ground on which the US Capitol sits in Washington, DC. The capitol is the building that houses Congress.
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What is the US capitol?

The Capitol is the building in which the Congress of the United States convenes. The Capitol is the center of government in the United States. Located in Washington it conta (MORE)

What is the Capitol rotunda?

The Capitol rotunda is the large round section in the center of the Capitol building, below the dome. It connects the House and Senate sides of the Capitol. A panorama of 19 (MORE)
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The Capitol of Africa?

  Africa is a continent , so is made up of lots of different countries, each of these countries has a capitol. Basically there is not a capitol of Africa because it's a co (MORE)
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Brazzeville is the capitol of what?

Congo in Africa; not be confused with the Democratic Republic of the Congo (which has a capital named Kinshasa.)
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