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Are snakes edible?

While there are many venomous snakes, there are a few poisonous snakes (poisons are absorbed or ingested, while venoms are injected), among those are the Japanese Rat snakes ( (MORE)

Are carnations edible?

Amazingly enough, even though the stems and leaves are mildly toxic  to humans if ingested, and do cause a contact dermatitis (skin  irritation), the flower petals are edibl (MORE)
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Is shamrock edible?

Yes, the leaves seeds and roots of all clovers are edible. But depending on the type, they can be a bit earthy and somewhat sour. Avoid using too much lemon if you're puttin (MORE)

Are salamanders edible?

Yes, salamanders are edible. In some countries where it is too poor, they will fry the salamanders over a fire and eat them. If you want to eat a poisonous one, then you have (MORE)
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Is cotton edible?

Cotton itself is,however the seeds are toxic. If one removes the seed, then yes, one could eat the cotton. Scientists are currently working on genetically engineering the cott (MORE)

Is dandelion edible?

Dandelion leaves are used by some people in salads and the roots can be roast and ground up to produce Dandelion coffee. Dandelion is a natural diuretic and can promote urinat (MORE)

Are squirrels edible?

yes squirrels are edible. the best known ways of cooking a squirrel are fried squirrel and squirrel and dumplings. it may sound weird but this a big thing in the south.

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