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Where is the fuse box on a 63 Ford Falcon 2-door sedan located exactly?

  It is attached to the backside of the headlight switch. If you look up under the dashboard at the headlight switch you should be able to see the fuses. There is a clip (MORE)
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What do falcons hunt?

Falcons eat basically small birds and rodents. When falcons are young, they learn how to hunt big bugs such as dragonflies and beetles

Can you replace the 2 speed Ford-o-matic transmission in a 1964 Ford Falcon with a C4 automatic transmission and keep the linkage from the 2 speed?

Yes. If it is a six cylinder, you need a 65-67 Bell housing for a 170-200 IL. You can get it off Ebay. You need the block plate, and dustcover. You need to shoten your drive s (MORE)
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What is the summary of the falcon by federico falcon?

There is a young man who lost all his money who has a falcon whom he loves but more so loves the young beautiful woman... There is a young beautiful woman who has a son who l (MORE)

How do you fix the temperature control lever of an EB Series 2 Ford Falcon?

I just checked the lever on mine that switches from fresh air to recirculated , this morning :) The procedure is the same. You need to get behind the controls to view the conn (MORE)

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