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What ghosts haunts the Windsor castle?

Quite alot of ghost have been seen loitering round the castle. Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn have been seen... Not together ofcourse. Elizabeth I has been seen in the library. Ch (MORE)
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Is warwick castle haunted?

yes!!! warwick castle is very haunted    I would have to agree. My personal experience was:   1. The Fulke Greville bedroom (the supposed haunted bedroom of the g (MORE)

How long does grendel haunt hrothgar's castle?

Grendel causes havoc in Hrothgar's mead hall (which is different from a castle) for 10 winters, or 10 years, before Beowulf comes and fixes that problem...
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Is congdon castle haunted?

No the congdon castle is not haunted. The Glensheen mansion (the congdons other house) is said to be haunted because of the murder of their daugther which took place in a seco (MORE)
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Is Ford Castle haunted?

Well it depends on what happened there some people say their lays a headless horse Man's soul or sometimes you may see slender-man in the dark dark woods?!

Is hearst castle haunted?

No, it isn't. Hauntings sprout from evil or bad events. All the events at Heart's estate were happy. Yes, I know about his marriage break-up, and certainly that wasn't pretty, (MORE)
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Have you ever been haunted while in Hammond Castle?

  I didn't see one, however, something brushed against my leg while i was the only person in the room and it also happened to my friend in the same room. we discovered thi (MORE)

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