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Why is it heartbeat important?

it pumps oxygenated blood throughout the body through arteries andlow-O2 blood back, acting as a recirculating system. most specieswe know about require oxygen for survival, i (MORE)
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What do you do if your heartbeat is fast?

It depends on whether or not it is a normal fast heartbeat like when you have been exercising or if it is run away fast because you have a problem. If it is fast due to just n (MORE)

What is the heartbeat of a timelord?

In regularity, it's pretty much the same as that of a human being, except that Time Lords have TWO hearts, and they may not beat in 'synch'. It thus may well sound like their (MORE)
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Why does your heartbeat?

  simple. It beats to pump blood through your veins, which delivers needed oxygen to all your organs.

How do you feel a heartbeat?

You place your hand over your heart and you will feel it. Your heart is at the bottom of your right ribcage. If you would like to hear it then use a stethoscope.
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Is there a limit of heartbeats?

Yes, your heart DOES have a Limit of heartbeats. Average, a Human heart has a life heartbeat around 2.21 billions bearts before its "empty". The Heart is like a battery, a ve (MORE)

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