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What happened in the last episode of the Jeffersons?

  There was not a finale for The Jeffersons tv show. The last episode aired on July 2, 1985 and was titled "Red Robins".   The basic premise of the episode has George a (MORE)

When was first Star Trek episode on TV?

The first episode of Star Trek (the original series) was shown as a "season preview" on NBC television on September 8, 1966. The episode "The Man Trap" was written by George C (MORE)
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Can you put TV episodes on YouTube?

videos on YouTube are meant to be home made but you could put a TV episode on YouTube but it will be taken off if it gets popular because of copyright infringement. Posting TV (MORE)

How much is Ebony and Ivory record by Michael Jackson worth?

"Ebony and Ivory" was a song written by Paul McCartney and appeared on McCartney's 1982 album "Tug of War". He sang the song as a duet with Stevie Wonder, not Michael Jackson. (MORE)