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How do you report a penguin on Club Penguin?

STEPS : 1. Click on the penguin you would wish to report 2. You will see a little badge with an "M" on it on the far RIGHT corner. Click on it. 3. There are 4 options; B (MORE)

How do penguins care there baby penguins?

first the mom looks for food over a 3 month span in that time the dad sits on the egg till hath the dad never leves the egg and it doesn't eat after hatching the mother comes (MORE)

Club Penguin member penguins?

When you have signed up to be a member (and payed) you can get into the best serves and parties, you can also buy clothes for your penguin in the monthly catalog and Evan choo (MORE)

What are penguins and what they do?

Penguins are flightless birds from the Antarctic. There are many different sizes and colours - about 17 different types of penguins: The emperor penguin, the biggest penguin (MORE)

What is a penguin?

Penguins are flightless birds, and their diet consists of fish,  shrimp and krill. There are 18 species of living penguins, and 5  types of penguins that are extinct. They a (MORE)

On Club Penguin how do you activate your penguin?

Well as you finish the registration form, they will ask you for your parents email address. Ask before you give it out, then when your done with the form go to your parents em (MORE)

Richest Penguin on Club Penguin?

Highest ammount is Infinite! Masan453 has 999999999999 coins! He's the richest penguin on Cp. But he spent so much money on everything, he's gone down. But... He still is the (MORE)

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