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What is sales quotation?

A sales quote allows a prospective buyer to see what costs would be involved for the work they would like to have done. Many businesses provide services that cannot have an up (MORE)

What is a divided quotation?

It is a quotation sentence that has (the he said and she said) part in the middle. Ex: " Vannesa and Janelle went to the mall at 2:30," said Mrs. Johnson, " but they will be (MORE)

Why do we use quotations?

  Quotations are used to give examples and evidence and to show when a character is speeking whereas parenthesis is used to give extra details. You can use either double o (MORE)

What is a a quotation?

these " what are these?" They are called quotation marks. They are used to indicate what is being said by someone in a sentence.
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Can quotations be trademarked?

  Answer     It's possible, but rare, if it is sufficiently distinctive when used on the goods or services as a brand. The rules can be a bit fuzzy regarding pu (MORE)

What is a quotation from the suppliers?

A supplier's "quotation" can be a statement of the current price of whatever product he is supplying.   It can also refer to the estimated cost of a particular job. As an e (MORE)

Where are Quotations from Zechariah in the New Testament?

The direct quotations are found in the following places: Matthew 21:5, 26:31, 27:9 Mark 14:27 John 12:15, 19:37 Ephesians 4:25Open in Google Docs ViewerOpen link in new tabOp (MORE)

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