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How are magazines made?

Magazines are made by a large group of people working together.  Usually, there is someone in charge of each section of the  magazine. There are also individual writes and e (MORE)

What does a magazine designer do?

A magazine designer is someone who handles the look of a publication. Magazine designers build advertisements and graphics, and use photos and other forms of artwork to create (MORE)

How do you make a magazine?

Imposition Once the job of designing the spreads has been donethe spreads must be imposed onto the sheet. As most commercialpresses only print on one side of the sheet at a (MORE)

Who invented magazines?

Alexander Hamilton and friends compiled a reasonably mass-circulated piece of work that was called The Federalist, back in Revolutionary times. Federalist, like most modern ma (MORE)

What will you find in a magazine?

You can find all kinds of goodies in a magazine. Magazines  generally have both words and pictures. Most have a lot more words  than pictures but some, such as fashion magaz (MORE)