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What does the spanish word habla mean?

it means "talk" - specifically, it means "he/she/it talks", from the verb hablar, and it's also used as "you talk" when speaking polite, like for instance with older people.
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Learn to Speak Basic Arabic?

Im studying online. I found it the best way. From first i didnt know anything about arabic but now i feel so good in it. The best place i could find for myself arabicollege Th (MORE)

What are the four basic learning skills?

Answer . With regard to learning a language, the four basic skills are- listening, speaking, reading, and writing.. Another Answer . Concentration - focusing your atte (MORE)

What do you learn in a basic emt class?

You learn skills like how to use a spine board, steps for medical and trauma assessments, how to make splints and use them, how to stop bleeds, how to treat diabetic, cardiac, (MORE)

Basic spanish words?

Hi- Hola thank you- gracias your welcome- denada please- por favor i have to go- tengo que irme see you soon- hasta pronto see you _____ - Hasta __________ day of week Da (MORE)

How do you learn Visual Basic?

  The traditional way to learn any programming language is to start by writing a "Hello, World" program; this program should write "Hello, World" to the screen.   To wr (MORE)

How do you learn basic chemistry?

The best way to learn basic chemistry is to enroll in a basic Chemistry class in high school or college (depending on your age). However, you can always invest in your own tex (MORE)