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What does the spanish word habla mean?

it means "talk" - specifically, it means "he/she/it talks", from the verb hablar, and it's also used as "you talk" when speaking polite, like for instance with older people.
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Learn to Speak Basic Arabic?

Im studying online. I found it the best way. From first i didnt know anything about arabic but now i feel so good in it. The best place i could find for myself arabicollege Th (MORE)

What is the best way to learn Spanish?

Best way to learn Spanish   In my experience, immersion is the best way to learn, with a  little help from grammar practice and dictionaries.    I worked in a restaur (MORE)

What do you learn in a basic emt class?

You learn skills like how to use a spine board, steps for medical and trauma assessments, how to make splints and use them, how to stop bleeds, how to treat diabetic, cardiac, (MORE)

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Where did the standard form of Spanish originate?

Unlike English, the Spanish language has an official "Correct Spanish Board." It's known as the Real Academia Española (Royal Spanish Academy), and it's located in Madrid, Sp (MORE)

Learn to Speak Basic English?

Hi,hello Bye,see u later How r u I am good thank U Thank u Your welcome
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How do you learn basic chemistry?

The best way to learn basic chemistry is to enroll in a basic Chemistry class in high school or college (depending on your age). However, you can always invest in your own tex (MORE)

What is the best Spanish learning material?

The street It depends on your linguistic capability, familiarity with other languages, where you come from (nationality), what you want to use Spanish for, your existing leve (MORE)