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I want to install a Preston radiator flush kit on my 192 GMC Sarari 4.3L. Is the correct hose theone directly behind the Transmission dip stick and up against the firewall?

Look for your two heater core hoses that come out of the firewall. Trace the one that goes into the top of the engine and may be next to where the therostat is. That is the ho ( Full Answer )
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What is Theon of Smyrna famous for?

Theon of Smyrna was a mathematician and philosopher. Although thereis not much known on him, it has been said that he influenced thePythagorean school of thought.
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When was theon of Alexandria born?

There is no precise date for Theon of Alexandria's birth. However Wikipedia gives his birth date at around 335 AD.
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What has the author Theon Wright written?

Theon Wright has written: 'The knife' -- subject(s): Fiction, Lending library, Histoire, Inuits, Ouvrages pour la jeunesse 'Rape in Paradise' -- subject(s): Accessible boo ( Full Answer )