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Can some things on eshop on the Nintendo 3DS be free?

Game demos and applications such as YouTube and Swapnote are free  to download on the Nintendo eShop. Game patches are also free to  download as well.
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There's no such thing as a free lunch?

economic theory states that there is no such thing a a free lunch. the reason for this is someone has to pay for that sandwich that you are about to eat for "free." someone pr (MORE)

What to have for lunch?

Usually people have sandwiches for their lunch. I would have a healthy lunch. And have dessert like a brownie or something. Here is an idea what to have for lunch: A sandwich, (MORE)

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What did kids have for lunch in the early 1900's?

children ate fruit, beef, turkey, duck, cheese, bread, tea, water, chocolate, soup, muffins,pies pastries and vegetables. they ate mostly what we eat today. Of course they did (MORE)
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How can you get free things on stardoll?

  There are in starplaza many free things just need to look in categories different colors free things are usually at the end   There are clubs which have cheats for f (MORE)

What is the best thing to eat for lunch?

For lunch, you want to have a balanced diet, so try to have all the necessary ingredients and nutrients ie: a pork sandwich, a bottle of orange juice, a bag of crisps and an a (MORE)