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How do You change the language in tiberium wars?

Answer 1) I've only played c&c on xbox360 so im not sure but for most games, they should be quite easy to find and change the language in the optinos menu, however there are s (MORE)

How do you do the engineer glitch in command and conquer 3 tiberium wars?

At the start build a CRANE then build a power plant in the crane and a REFINERY in the COMMAND CENTER, when the POWER PLANT is built, drop it down then build a BARRACKS and bu (MORE)

What is a buzzer bomb in command and conquer 3 tiberium wars?

a buzzer bomb is where you get a load of buzzers shoot just next to them with a mothership and use the worm hole put one next to your buzzers and the other in the enemy base, (MORE)

What would happen if you ate Tiberium?

You would glow green just before you get sick to your stomach as the Tiberium grows inside you until it consumes your body... then you either one: Die or two: Assimilated into (MORE)

How do you put crack on commander and conquer 3 tiberium wars?

go to your computer, os, program files (it will be wither 86 64 32 or just program files), electronic arts, command & conquer 3, retail.exe, 1.(version for me it is 0). then y (MORE)